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Work Injury Compensation Claims

If you are a full-time, part-time or casual employee and have suffered an injury as a result of your job, accident in the workplace, or even if you’ve been injured going to or from your workplace, you might be eligible to make a worker’s compensation claim from your employer or WorkCover Queensland under the Worker’s Compensation Act.

It is often the case that a workplace compensation claim will cover medical expenses for treatment, wages and lump sum compensation for your injury. If you think you may be eligible to make a worker’s compensation claim, then contact CMC Lawyers and let them help you determine what may be your best course of action.

Workers Compensation Lawyers

If you’re thinking of making a workers’ compensation claim, but are unsure what to do, if you are eligible, or even whether you’re covered under WorkCover Queensland or by your employer’s insurance, then contact CMC Lawyers before you sign any documentation.

CMC Lawyers are experienced in all areas of workers compensation and are able to give you advice for your specific situation. The CMC Lawyers team of legal professional can advise on all forms of worker’s compensation and worker’s compensation claims and timeframe requirements.

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